How To Nook Correctly | How To Bike with Ben Cathro EP 8

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How To Corner Properly |  How To Bike with Ben Cathro EP 8
How to , How To Nook Correctly | How To Bike with Ben Cathro EP 8 , , ZOqFywGllFw , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOqFywGllFw , https://i.ytimg.com/vi/ZOqFywGllFw/hqdefault.jpg , 294961 , 5.00 , Ben Cathro goes deep on probably the most important mountain bike abilities, cornering. From flat corners to berms and everything in ... , 1634911227 , 2021-10-22 16:00:27 , 00:22:52 , UC2GIHZpQiJy-8286f4lj_cg , Pinkbike , 11033 , , [vid_tags] , https://www.youtubepp.com/watch?v=ZOqFywGllFw , [ad_2] , [ad_1] , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOqFywGllFw, #Corner #Properly #Bike #Ben #Cathro [publish_date]
#Corner #Correctly #Bike #Ben #Cathro
Ben Cathro goes deep on one of the crucial vital mountain bike abilities, cornering. From flat corners to berms and everything in ...
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  1. I've tried some of your tips out & issue has been that sometimes my race braking takes off too much speed & if it's a lumpy exit I don't have enough speed to fly over the rocks. Hmmmm

  2. My cornering has improved watchin these videos.
    What about corners that start banked so you lean with the bike then the corner flattens? When you reach the flat section usually well into the corner i end up brakin. Ride the whole corner as a flat corner?

  3. I’ve been mtn biking since 1987 but I’m going to watch all the back videos.
    For me bike setup is so important for “feel” then I go front there .
    Line choice and braking is so important. Or know how and when . I’m a brake fanatic and a shift fanatic. Setting up for the corners and coming out , ect , ect , ect .
    Every ride , every bike very day we learn .
    Loving it, concentrate on the basics , no truer said .

  4. All the videos in the série are SOOOO GOOD! Thank you guys! The amount of work to have the multiple trajectories, the what-not-to-do, etc… much appreciated!

  5. Your videos are awesome. I really appreciate your focus on the basics and good technique.

  6. Ben you are amazing. I just started MTB at a mature age (57) and feel motivated by your easy going coaching. Carry on, you inspire us. I still panic with some basics but i'll get there. Gracias amigo.

  7. "Don't brake! Don't brake! Don't brake! Why did you crash?!" Gee, I don't know… HAHAHAHAHA

  8. Great advise I shall work on my panic braking. I think I could hear a 45 BPM metronome in the video.

  9. ok ben i think i have this down. lets see. first you get a sick bike with fox downhill forks a coil shock 29 inch rims and maxxis minion II tires. yes then you totally trust your bike and fucking shred.

  10. In racecar driving your comfort braking is ironically called "trailbraking" lol and the fastest/safest way around a corner is in a 4 wheel slide "drift" (real, not stupid movie Tokyo drift crap) then the car is steered with weight distribution with either under or over steer. This makes it so you dont get caught in an unintentional drift causing carnage lol.

    I road technical xc single track with 17 stories of elevation for 5 years and only fell 1 time on a super fast off camber strait where I hit loam and nearly crushed my head on a tree. And I went hard, didnt even fall when I first went clipless like so many lol. now after 4 years off I'm excited to get back out.

  11. Last week i had a crash on a concrete berm, it had some dust 9n it and the front tyre suddenly lost all grip and it was like free falling ☹. Luckily for me it was pretty minor but still thinking about it.

  12. Ahh the sort of half berm always catches me off and I use it as support for the first half but then it dissapears and I get booted off the trail. Thanks for your advice 🙂

  13. You make all this youtube mtb training gurus out there look like a bunch of weekend riders

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